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What Our Students Are Saying..

Alexandria S.

“The WEB Center feels like home.  When you are having a bad day you can just go there and it makes everything okay.  Ms. Purple and Kervens are very helpful.  They helped me get my diploma.  I thank them for everything!"

“ The WEB Center keeps me out of trouble, helps me with my school work and my personal problems."

                                     -Joseph J.

   Malika J.     

"The WEB Center is a place I can go when I am frustrated with issues even out side of the school. The WEB Center and the staff make it easy for you to express yourself in creative ways. There’s no place like the WEB Center."


Jared R.    


“ I learn so much in the WEB Center.  They help me with my music, and I’m so thankful the WEB Center is in my school.”

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