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Who We Are

New York WEB Center (NYWC) is a non profit organization that combines digital technology and mentoring to motivate at risk youth to stay in school, graduate and develop life skills that will help them in college and their careers.


Our programs interface closely with New York City high school leadership teams to complement academic goals in the classroom. NYWC's digital lounge proudly located at W.E.B. DuBois Academic High School in Brooklyn, offers a safe, creative environment for exciting afterschool projects.  




What We Do

Lead by our professional artists, NYWC promotes creative and experiential learning with multi-media arts projects that foster teamwork and student self-discovery. 


Students benefit from a mentor that offers an inspirational relationship and also fosters good communication with their family and teachers. 


Our goal is to graduate students who possess a healthy self-image, are literate in academic subjects and also facile with the 21st Century aptitudes demanded by the contemporary workplace: technology skills, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and collaboration.



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